Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply?
All startups that have established their companies, have a readily available team and who are ready to showcase their product/solution can apply.

How can I apply?
Companies that fulfill the foregoing conditions can fill in the application form.

When is the deadline for application?
The deadline is 7th October 2023.

Can you explain the pre-selection process?
10 (+2) startups will be qualified to finals during the pre-selection on 9th November 2023

In which language should I apply?
You can complete the application form also in Turkish, although English is preferred. Presentations on the Challenge Day will have to be made in English. Therefore, applicant teams are expected to have a good command of English.

How many startups will present themselves on the Challenge Day?
All applications will be evaluated, top 10 startups selected as per our criteria will make presentations on the Challenge Day (05.12.2023) and the top 3 startups to be selected by the jury will be awarded. The details of the startups that we cannot invite to the Challenge Day will also be shared with the related departments of MediaMarkt.

Can I apply with multiple solutions?
You can apply with multiple solutions if they comply with the criteria.